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Today was the opening of Duck Season for Kent County… poor babies!   I woke up to the sounds of guns at the crack of dawn.  Gotta love living on the Eastern Shore.     From October 11 through the 18th, it’s open season on ducks, coots (what the heck?) and mergansers!

Seriously though, we are set up for hunters here in Kent County.  Between the two hotels, and the many B&B’s in the area, including Crow Farm, which also has a winery, there are plenty of accommodations.  Of course, the economy loves this time of the year.  We welcome the hunters with open arms (but I still say… poor ducks!)

Check out www.kentcounty.com for more information on places to stay.  Call us for recommendations on places to eat, if you are new to Kent County.  You’ll be coming back, I’m sure!   Want a place of your own to hunt?  We have some hunting properties ready for you.


But don’t shoot this guy!   🙂